International Marketing Plan: Tropicfeel lands in Germany


Puig Cumellas, Elisabeth


The objective of this final work is to develop an international marketing plan focused on a new market, applying all the knowledge acquired during this master's degree in international marketing in the digital environment and international marketing and sales management. To do this, we have followed a structured methodology. The first step has been the internal analysis of the company to understand the history, performance, prices, positioning, the product portfolio, its type of clients and the company's distribution channels. Once we had enough information to understand the company, we continued the external analysis. This helped us to build an idea of ​​the Spanish consumer and the world of the footwear industry. Then we identify the competitors and we also investigate other markets to carry out the marketing plan. This helped us figure out what market news we should focus on to expand. To summarize all the information collected and to be able to extract the objectives, we have developed a SWOT analysis. Once the objectives were clear, we elaborated the action plan that the document described the actions necessary to achieve each of the objectives. To finish the plan, we have worked on the financial and feasibility plan. This research helped us to conclude that the best market for Tropicfeel is Germany.



Palau Saumell, Ramon


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management