Investigation into the development of dental training models


Beltran Monreal, Eduardo


This project investigates the possibility of manufacturing realistic 3D Dental models to ease dentistry students' practice a complex surgery as it is wisdom tooth removal. An in-depth analysis of the properties of the gum, mandible bone and third molars, such as Young's modulus or tensile strength of the gum, was carried out. Then, using a specialised materials software called Granta EduPack, suitable materials to imitate the tissues' behaviour were found.
An actual size prototype of the jaw was designed in Solid-Works to test the jawbone and gingiva material choice. The tooth, mandible bone, and upper and lower moulds were 3D printed with PLA, and the gingiva was cast in silicone Teksil-25.
Dentists tested the model giving good feedback about the silicone and PLA feeling for the tissues and suggesting improvements for future research.



Ryan, Michael
Evans, Sam


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering