Mapeo Fino de un QTL relacionado con la biosíntesis de aromas en melón


Ruiz Lasierra, Javier


Melon has a high interest in the study of fruit ripening, due to is a species with climacteric (Védrantrais, VED) and non-climacteric (Piel de Sapo, PS) varieties. The climacteric ripening is characterized by an increase in the respiration rate and in the production of ethylene, while in non-climacteric fruits both remain at basal levels. Ethylene is a volatile vegetal hormone that has a direct impact on the production of aromas, also called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are one of the most important traits of taste and that have an influence into the consumer choices. In the group of Genetics and Genomics of horticultural plants at CRAG there is a collection of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of PS x VED with which 166 QTLs related to the production of VOCs in melon were mapped. One of these QTLs is found on chromosome 11 (QTL C11.2) and determines the formation of esters, which is associated with the aroma of climacteric varieties. The objective of this paper was the fine mapping of the QTL to identify the responsible genes for C11.2, in order to reduce the number of genes in the QTL interval associated with ester formation and to identify candidate genes. To achieve this objective a F2 line was used, this line came from the self-pollination of a F1 line of IL PS11.3 with an introgression of PS on chromosome 11 in a VED genetic background. In this F2 there are 2 QTLs, the C11.1 and the C11.2. In QTL C11.1, 2 markers flanking the QTL were used to eliminate PS introgression by selecting those plants that had both VED markers. Subsequently, the fine mapping for C11.2 was made, and the recombinant individuals were selected and transferred to the greenhouse for their subsequent phenotyping. Therefore, it was possible to deepen into the understanding of the differences between the aroma of climacteric and non-climacteric fruits of this species.



Leivar Rico, Pau
Pujol, Marta


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology