Arqué González, Àlex
Rosell Espinosa, Arnau  


Mclean is a company specialized in cleaning your home quickly and with guaranteed quality. We make sure that the service is done with our best cleaners and that the customer gets the maximum satisfaction. We have found that consumers are not comfortable with the current cleaning service model. They find it difficult to hire trustworthy cleaners and usually the specialist company offers to hire them for fixed periods. From Mclean we have been able to analyze and solve consumer problems. For this reason, we have decided to offer two different services. one intended for weekly or monthly fixed services. And a sporadic service that can be performed the same day of being hired with a response time of our workers of 1 to 4 hours. Mclean will combine work between salaried and self-employed workers. The services are sold at € 10.45 for fixed services and € 11.45 for sporadic services, obtaining an approximate average profit margin per hour of service of € 1.95. Mclean will use economies of scale to be able to generate large profits, as we have a small margin. In addition, we offer the option of requesting cleaning products for an additional service cost of € 4.00. These products, unlike their competitors, are completely ecological and generate a positive impact on the environment and society. The initial share capital that the partners will contribute is € 50,000. In addition, we request a loan of € 15,000 the first year to cover some qualifying expenses. We have observed that Mclean generates large amounts of cash due to immediate collection from its customers and deferred payment of 60 days to its suppliers. This factor gives us considerable time to pay off all creditors. In addition, Mclean has quite low fixed costs so that you do not have to invest in large infrastructures or in the purchase of machinery. Our standstill is 7,925 hours. We managed to break even in April of the first year, two months after the start of economic activity. We expect approximate sales for the first year of € 1,088,180.65.
In general, from the management team, we believe that it is a viable and profitable company due to the innovation in the different types of services we offer and the quality in which we perform them compared to the competition. We fundamentally believe in creating added value and maximum customer satisfaction in all our services.



Banqué, Francesc 


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management