Online Raman Spectroscopy


Vila Gené, Pere

The RAMAN device located in the IQS CPTPI laboratory has a series of functionality problems that prevent its correct use. The first is the lack of stability of the cell holder, which is not supported anywhere, and is a key point for the functionality of the RAMAN device. The second is the software used by the device, which greatly limits its applications making it very cumbersome to use. A series of modifications are proposed that will improve both the stability of the device and the performance and quality of the work carried out.
The first task that must be performed to be able to work directly with the spectrophotometer is to improve the stability of the cell holder. For this, a piece will be designed with SolidWorks that fits into the current receptacle and immobilizes the cell to avoid oscillations with the laser focus. A series of tests are carried out to verify the robustness and consistency of the new receptacle.
Once this fundamental problem has been fixed, a program is designed that allows fluid work between the user and the spectrophotometer, in addition to allowing the use of a series of previously non-existent functionalities, including: a data processing once a spectrum has been captured, the continuous capturing and displaying of spectral data over time and tracking a peak during this consecutive analysis allowing to know if a reaction has reached steady state.



Sempere Cebriàn, Julià
García Granada, Andrés


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering