Data Management Plan (DMP) and FAIR data

Data Management Plan (DMP) and FAIR data

Data Management Plan (DMP)

Data Management Plan (DMP), is a document where you can represent the data collection in the scientific research process which projects are financed under public founds. 



Access to eiNa DMP

To produce this document, we recommend that you use eiNa DMP where you can store the information, update it, share it, and save it in the file that you want. Also, we recommed that you check the handbook Plans de Gestió de Dades from CSUC, where you can read the definitions of each section and examples of how use the tool:

Access to Handbook


We recommend you to consult these two sessions offered by the Research and Innovation Office of Universitat Ramon Llull, as well as the information they provide on Open data





Projects funded by the European Commission should develop a Data Management Plan and deposit data in open access following the FAIR principles, and should therefore be Findables, Accessibles, Interoperables and Reusables, in other words, they can be found, they can be accessed, interoperables and they can be reused to increase the efficiency and transparency of research. You can find more information, good practices and other requirements in the manual FAIR x FAIR: feasible, affordable and implementable requeriments for a FAIR research data repository.