Optimització d’un separador ciclònic mitjançant Flow Simulation


Margalef España, Ferran


This work aims to improve cyclonic separators based on geometric changes to starting from conventional models using SolidWorks software to make the designs of the cyclones and Flow Simulation for simulations. The variables to optimize are performance (represented by the variable DPC) and the pressure drop.
Initially, to verify the results obtained from the simulation, models were used bibliographic experimental studies, but it ended up being verified with the theoretical model of performance that was created by Theodore and DePaola and used by Läpple fitting a hyperbolic model rectangular to the experimental results. The best fitting design was chosen as the base to perform optimizations.
Finally, several geometric modifications were made using the design of cyclone chosen above to create an improved one with maximum performance and minimum drop in pressure.



Pou Ibar, Josep Oriol
Palmer Comas, Damià


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering