Package y ergonomía en un vehículo tipo formula student


Sueiras Campillo, Sergio


This project, as its name suggests, studies a possible packaging for a formula student type vehicle. The formula student is an international competition in which teams of university students design and build a single-seater car to compete with it.
The study begins with research of the necessary components for this type of vehicle and proposes a possible arrangement of these. The first approach uses components with prismatic shapes based on their main dimensions and geometry. Then, these parts are replaced by more detailed components and the layout of the assembly is adjusted again.
After a first iteration, the design will be matched with the chassis designed for this vehicle and checked for interferences. Additionally, all elements are checked for compliance with FSAE competition regulations.
Once the model follows regulations and that fits well to the chassis, the ergonomics of the vehicle will be studied. The elements will be adjusted so that it adapts well to the pilot for a good driving experience. Lastly, taking into account the most relevant elements, a study of the resulting center of mass of the vehicle will be carried out for future work.
As a result, the project “Package y ergonomía en un vehículo tipo formula student” consists of arranging the elements of a formula student vehicle in a three-dimensional space considering the ergonomics, the weight distribution, the chassis designed for the vehicle and the formula student regulations.



López Navarro, Ferran


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering