Penetrate the South American market with video analysis software in the B2B market


Youssef, El Kajbaji
Mahi Anas, Bel


Our master thesis was with the company 1D3A which entrusted us with the 1REF project, a project where we have to deal with software intended for sports leagues and especially football federations in order to improve the quality and performance of referees. the league; and to do this the software allows when it is used for a match to give the statistics, the performances and to review the actions of the referees, the software then does a job upstream and downstream to note and improve the performances of the referees , in addition to that, the 1REF product makes it possible to organize the schedules of the referees, that is to say to choose the referees according to their performance to direct particular matches as well as to organize their trips.
The 1REF project, already omnipresent in the somewhat Asian European zone, aims to develop in Latin America. he proposes to then turn to the target market to see it in detail and to finish proposing the countries that we find are the most suitable to acquire our project to finish with our marketing plan which explains how we intend to settle in the region such as software referees.



Meyer, Jan-Hinrich


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management