Pla d'empresa: ALCOPA


Collado Pallarès, Àlex  


This innovative project consists of the manufacture and commercialization of a new drug, called Alcopa, which provides greater efficacy for the prophylaxis of migraine headaches and a considered reduction in symptoms, in order to improve the quality of life of the patient. The prevalence of the disease in our territory is very high, some 4.5 million people suffer from migraines and in many cases, it is not well diagnosed. The drug covers a currently unmet medical need and improves adherence to treatment. Alcopa is manufactured and marketed by the Exades company, a pharmaceutical laboratory with its headquarters in Spain. We are a company that works to improve the health of the population through the manufacture and commercialization of innovative drugs. The main source of income is the sale of drugs manufactured in hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesalers. In order to carry out the research and development stages, a large amount of money was contributed, where most of it came from an investment fund, and the remaining part was invested by the company. In addition to this initial investment, in order to manufacture and market the drug, 50M euros was contributed by the company and a loan is requested from Santander bank for 50M euros. We have a team of commercial delegates to promote the drug through visits to neurologists and pharmacists in hospital centers, they also attend medical congresses to attract pioneering doctors of the disease, and finally, they organize migraine awareness campaigns.
During the first year, it is expected that it reached 3% of patients diagnosed with chronic migraine, this represents about 120,000 doses of the drug sold annually, with an increase each year of 15%. With the completion of the business plan, it is expected to study the success of the innovative drug, where all the factors that can influence directly and indirectly will be analyzed.


Marín Mas-Sardà, Juan José


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy