Process Analytical Technologies


Vila Gené, Pere


We work with a RAMAN spectrophotometer, an instrument that that will analyse a number of liquid compounds located in the bucket. The spectrophotometer is started and its response is studied against ethyl acetate, acetone, cyclohexane, ethanol, and mixtures of them. Its operating parameters are adjusted in order to to maximize the response obtained without excessively recording time.
The application of RAMAN spectroscopy to the results of an oxidation of an oil oxidation does not allow to obtain useful results, at least with the instrument used.
A continuous circuit is mounted using a tubular reactor inside a thermostatic bath, which has a cell integrated to analyse the final product of a reaction in real time spectroscopically. The application of online RAMAN spectrophotometry online to the saponification reaction of ethyl acetate in aqueous solution, which will take place through the tubular reactor, is being studied.



Sempere Cebrián, Julià


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering