Proyecto de instalaciones de una clínica dental


Xam-mar Jiménez, Ramon

After completing the Master's internship at the company R.XAM-MAR ORTODONOCIA S.L, a company that, under the Ziving brand, forms a network of dental clinics specialized in orthodontics, with 12 centers in Spain. She makes the strategic decision to move her dental clinic to a new location, within the same city, Lleida. The purpose of this operation is to move from the old part of the city, where it has been installed for more than 30 years, to a sprawling residential area.
This paper includes all the steps that make up the sizing, and design, of the necessary facilities for the performance of the activity of a dental clinic, in a new-build commercial premises.
Currently the clinic is installed in a commercial premises, also at street level, located at Bisbe Ruano street number 2-4, this has been in operation since September 2012. The premises have a total of 339.57m2 of useful area, arranged on two floors. The ground floor where there are two entrances from the street, the reception, waiting rooms, boxes and offices, and a mezzanine where access is reserved for clinic staff, in which is the workshop, warehouse and an office. The clinic has a total of 9 dental chairs, it is a clinic that exceeds the average size of a clinic in this sector, which is 3.3 dental chairs.
The new premises will maintain the same number of seats in a useful area of ​​518.74m2. It is a commitment to the brand's model, which is focused on achieving a disruptive children's clinic, focused on the child's experience, therefore, this increase in surface area will be used for a play area, maintaining the same workshop surfaces, sterilization, and dental boxes.
This new premises, located at 63 Baro de Maials street, once again has an irregular shape, with two façades, a north face and an east face. The distribution is divided into two heights, at street level, with the reception, waiting area, offices and the children's and dental play area. Then in the second height is the area called dental spa, are the dental boxes focused on adult care. In order to minimize the costs of the operation and minimize the environmental impact of the project, a reuse approach is adopted, trying to take advantage of all the existing equipment in the current premises, both for the activity's own equipment (dental chairs, tables, sterilization ovens, compressor, vacuum cleaners, computers, communication server, etc.) and installation equipment (indoor and outdoor climate units, electrical installation devices, communications, osmosis system, water preheater, etc.).



Rams Creixenti, Pedro José


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering