Proyecto de mejora del lead time en una planta farmacéutica aplicando la filosofía Lean Manufacturing


Mateu Latre, Marta 


In this final career project of the Pharmacy degree, a project was done in a pharmaceutical production plant about the reduction of the Lead Time in an Autonomous Production Unit, while the internship of the career was done in the Lean Manufacturing department of Sanofi.
This project is named as FIT 4 Future, and through the Value Stream Mapping tool the potentials of improvement in the plant and the bottlenecks that delay the production process have been analyzed
With the analysis the bottlenecks have been identified: Firstly, that the products spend a lot of time during the production phases and secondly. lots of technical stops in the Conditioning lines are detected. That’s why 13 levers are created using the tools given by the FIT4 methodology that include Lean Manufacturing tools: Total Productive Maintenance, SMED and 5S, in order to reduce the waiting times and consequently reduce the APU Clasica Lead Time.
As a conclusion a reduction of the 18% of the PCT has been achieved in the APU Clasica, so we can take for guaranteed the objectives of the project, improving the global agility and the Lead time of the plant and the APU Clasica using the Lean methodology.



Amaro Martínez, Francesc
Pons Prat, Mercè


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy