Rafel Filella, Marc
Pérez-Sala Compte, Tomás  


Our project is based on a venue that can hold different types of day and night events. The night events would be the most similar to a normal and current disco, however, they are far from being just any event thanks to our decoration of the premises, quality of music, musical genre (specifically electronic). To differentiate ourselves even more, we want to do daytime events that will consist of concerts by different bands and artists, and exhibitions of urban, cyber and modern art. Through market research we have been able to see that we are in a sector with a lot of potential and that we are something "unique" which gives us a great advantage over the competition. As for marketing, we will rely on social networks, word of mouth and use people recognized by the target to attract more customers.



Eslava Gurrea, Pablo 


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management