Rediseño, mejora y caracterización de la recuperación de gases fluorados mediante solventes eutécticos profundos


Gil Cortizas, Santiago


In this work, the preliminary design of an experimental setup for the measurement of the solubility of refrigerant gases in deep eutectic solvents (DES), which was the object of my previous Master’s Thesis in Chemical Engineering, has been improved. These improvements allowed to obtain higher pressures, enhanced pressure regulation of the system, and the monitoring of the process temperature.
In addition,the olubility calculations of CO2 in DES have been improved, incomparison with the results of my previous Master Thesis, by applying a new predictive model using the soft-SAFT theory that allows a better description of these solubility results considering DES as a pseudo-compound instead of two substances.
Finally, multiple experiments have been carried out to measure and model the solubility off our fluorinated gases (R-32,R-125,R-134a and R-143a) in DES using the isothermal absorption method.



Pou Ibar, Josep Oriol
Llovell Ferret, Fèlix


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering