Revisión de la estrategia y plan de desarrollo de Desensin


Juanico Uriz, Blanca


Currently active in the industry for 40 years, Dentaid is the leading innovator in Oral Health. Epitome of quality, elegance, research and innovation. Dentaid has the ability to communicate their values worldwide, through the pharmacies and para-pharmacies, in addition to the dental clinics.
Dentaid provides the consumer with daily use product lines and treatment product lines to deal with interdental or maxillofacial pathologies and/or surgeries.
Dentaid manages to create a relationship between the dentist, the patient and the brand, bringing quality and last generation technology to achieve a complete Oral Health. Providing solutions to oral problems that exist in today's society, Dentaid wants to give a twist to one of their treatment brands, namely Desensin, a specialized brand in treating dental sensibility. They want to reposition the brand, by giving it a new approach more orientated about the problematic and the solution.
Analyzing the brand and the dental sensitivity market, I have been able to see what their strengths and weaknesses were and the need to change Desensin's marketing strategy. Since we were facing a low brand marketing budget (€ 35,000) and the need for a new approach to the product, both in terms of image, informational and target, I have developed a branding campaign. With it I propose offline and online actions, defining a push strategy with a radio advertising campaign, in sector magazines and an event to present the new campaign with influencers; and to pull with the online I propose to invest in SEM, SEO together with an emal marketing campaign and FB / IG Ads.
Thus, with this 360 marketing strategy we managed to relaunch the Desensin brand, growing in brand awareness, normalizing and making known what dental sensitivity is, creating engagement with the consumer in order to awaken the hidden needs of the potential patient.



Abril Collderam, Pilar
Meyer, Jan-Hinrich


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy