Revivack's Entry Into the European Market: An International Marketing Plan


Möller, Alexander
Stoycheva, Zornitsa


The following report was created to provide a marketing plan to a recently founded Start-Up company – Revivack. The company founded in 2020 and located in Barcelona, Spain works on establishing a take-back program with brands and consumers across various consumer goods industries, to contribute a solution to the ever growing threat of environmental pollution and the resulting effects such as the global climate change. To provide the organization with the described marketing plan, at first intensive research was conducted, evaluating the internal and external factors influencing Revivack as an organization and the related business model. In addition to the traditional theoretical analysis models also surveys where used to gain further insights on consumer behaviour and potential target markets. After having conducted and finalized the research activities, eventually it was decided to split the marketing plan into two sections. One covering the B2C side of the business model and one focussing on the B2B aspects. This was done to meet the very different needs of these two segments, identified during the analytical process.
While the internal analysis of Revivack identified problems like generally low digital presence and lack of brand strategy, the external analysis found out that the European market is favourable for Revivack’s operations and the best European markets in terms of sustainable behaviour and ease of doing business are Germany, Denmark, Finland and France. It was also identified that clothes, small household appliances and electronics, and small furniture are the items that users are most willing to return.
After setting objectives and the accompanying KPIs related to these findings, within the actual planning, the according objectives where further broken down into single tactics/ activities guiding to the successful execution of the plan. The focus of the B2C marketing tactics was the development of owned media communication strategy thorough content creation, search engine optimization, and branding, while facilitating service penetration through promotional prices. The tactics within the B2B section focused on generating customers via development of owned media on relevant business networks and to create awareness for the brand in the professional environment. In addition, measures like cold calling and trade fair participation were defined to provide a clear pathway to acquire new leads and therefore potential customers.
The budget provided for this marketing plan displays an ideal scenario in terms of the availability of resources. However, insights and recommendations on how to cut costs are provided in the budgeting section, taking into consideration the current financials of Revivack. Lastly general recommendations for the further development of the company were provided. The objectives derived consider aspects of strengthening and promoting the brand identity as well as generating revenue streams via new customers and investors. After all, the general approach is not only focussing on B2C but also on the B2B aspects of the business model, since both parts are essential to the sustainability of Revivack. Eventually, the overall, ideal budget needed for the developed marketing plan sums up to EUR 254,000. The authors anticipate a revenue of EUR 207,000 leading the first year of operations to a slight loss of approx. EUR 47,000. Despite this initial loss, following the marketing plan, growing the business in the second year of operations, profitability is in reach. In addition, this anticipated loss arose within the ideal budget version, in which wages display the, by far, largest source of costs. This source however, is addressed within the budgeting section and advice on cost cutting measures are provided. Attached to this report, templates and further information, relevant and beneficial to Revivack may be found.




Jiménez-Asenjo, Noelia


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management