Risk analysis and CFD modelling of hydrogen diffusion from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle onboard a roll on-roll off ship


Miret Simon, Mar


Currently, the use of fossil fuels in mobility is a notable source of greenhouse gases. Green hydrogen is a promising emission-free ally for the decarbonization of the worldwide mobility sector through fuel cell electric vehicles. However, hydrogen has some properties that make it very different from the rest of conventional fuels, and therefore there is still some research needed to be able to ensure safety around these automobiles in all possible scenarios. The purpose of this project is to investigate the risks of hydrogen fuel cell electric cars inside the parking space of a roll on-roll off vessel. Using a Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of a hydrogen leakage from the car onboard, the diffusion behaviour of the gas and the evolution of the flammable layer were analysed.



Pou Ibar, Oriol
Paulsen Husted, Bjarne Bruun


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering