RobinGood's into the German market - An International Marketing Plan for a social Start-up in the Food Industry


Spigai, Giulia
Stöver, Jana


This international marketing plan was developed for RobinGood (RG), a start-up company from Barcelona, producing and marketing socially oriented snacking and food products. This marketing plan is building a strategy of how the company can grow internationally, with the limited budget of a small company in the FMCG industry. Germany was chosen as the target market in agreement with RobinGood, due to market size, FMCG industry experience in the market of one of the authors and network contacts in the food industry in Germany. Furthermore, the market appeared to be promising at a first glance, due to the widely noticeable sustainable trend overall and specifically the food market in Germany. An additional challenge was given by RobinGood, as the company did not have a specified product with which they would prefer to go abroad. RobinGood would rather develop a range of products locally that fits with the current portfolio, the local demand and the available social producers, in order to stay in line with its social orientation, sustainability and value proposition.
Furthermore, a special wish by RobinGood was to find contacts and potential partnership companies, producers and collaborators, however with the question remaining: what the best way is to access the market in general. This is why an extra focus is given to potential partnerships, competitors, producers and channels in this marketing plan.
This marketing plan includes a situational analysis with in-depth descriptions and take-aways from the internal current status of RobinGood, as well as the external workings of the target market. The findings are concluded in a SWOT analysis, summarizing the strengths and weaknesses from the internal analysis, as well as the opportunities and threats of the external analysis. In a cross-analysis, objectives are derived and split up into tactics. This process concludes and provides the basis for the strategy and marketing mix. Finally, the project comes to an end in a feasibility plan, budget plan and alternative strategies, in case the outlined objectives may not be reached as planned.




Palau Saumell, Ramón


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management