Busquets Altet, Pau


ScreensRecycled is a newly created startup dedicated to the recycling and reconditioning of original mobile and tablet screens.
Currently, large companies such as Apple or Samsung do not sell their original spare parts to individuals or companies. For this reason, the entire screen replacement market corresponds to compatible screens, that is, a copy of the original screen manufactured by third parties, whose quality often leaves much to be desired, with notable differences compared to the original (lower brightness, colors less vivid and less sensitive).
The problem is that, the consumer who wants to repair the device and wants to preserve the original quality of the screen, must go through the official technical service of Apple or Samsung, paying an abusive price for this service and often it is cheaper to buy a device new or second hand to repair it.
At ScreensRecycled, thanks to the most advanced machinery and our screen reconditioning and recycling system, we manage to separate broken glass from original screens and assemble new glass, thus recycling potential electronic waste. With this procedure, we manage to reuse the original LCD/OLED of the screen, thus preserving the maximum quality that our customers expect, without the need to pay a fortune in the official technical service and at the same time being respectful with the environment through the reuse of high-value resources that would otherwise end up in landfills.
Spaniards currently have 52 million mobile phones and 30% have suffered some mishap in the last 12 months. The low innovation and high cost of new devices means that we use our devices for longer and longer and we choose to repair before renewing. It is estimated that in 2025 users will use the mobile device for an average of 30 months before renewing it. For all these reasons, the Spanish market is worth 800 million euros today and will not stop growing in the next 10 years.
At ScreensRecycled we expect to invoice more than €500,000 during the first year with an estimated annual growth of 10% in the next three years. With an investment of €90,000 we could start to launch our project.



Marín Mas-Sardà, Juanjo


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management