Study of the impact of thickeners on fragrance formulation and application


Argemí Gil, Anna


Thickeners are widely used in the formulation of cosmetics. They provide sensory and appearance enhancements to create a pleasing and attractive product that fits the needs of the consumer.
This project has focused on the selection of a wide variety of thickeners in order to design and optimize different formulations to obtain a viscous fragrance.
The results have shown that thickeners have no limit to achieve high values ​​of viscosity and varied rheological properties. However, thickness is not the only characteristic to be taken into account in the formulation, but it is also a balance of being able to contain the maximum possible concentration of fragrance, transparency, stability and particle suspension capacity. Undoubtedly, the different characteristics that show the thickeners in the formulation, allows to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages, facilitating to choose the most suitable for a determinate application.



Balfagón Costa, Alberto 
Ruíz, Rubén 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemistry