Study of Miyaura Borylation Reaction in Flow Chemistry


Velásquez Cifuentes, Simón


The following work describes the study of miyaura borilations by implementing tubular reactors, generating a flow chemistry process with industrial potential. The study was carried out using 4 different brominated substrates (Bromoanisole, Bromobenzaldehyde, Bromobenzene and Bromo-1,3-Difluorobenzene) looking for the optimal operating conditions that would allow greater conversion and greater selectivity. The operating conditions that were manipulated during the optimization were the amounts of substrate, amount of palladium catalyst, volume of the reactor and proportions of solvents. The reactions were carried out using an independent pumping system, which allows the use of 10ml Hamilton syringes and a pressurization system that facilitates the increase of the internal pressure to 8 bars, avoiding evaporation of solvents and mitigating the probability that there are accidents. Finally, the products wereas isolated and characterized.



Berzosa Rodríguez, Xavier


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry