SUPER SHARK, the healthy and ecofriendly energy drink


Cano Vázquez, Aitor
Murillo Estrella, Alex


The energy drink market is a market that has been growing constantly in the past years, as well as the health concerns regarding this kind of beverage. Both reasons are the ones behind the existence of SUPER SHARK, an energy drink produced from natural components, with a very reduced amount of caffeine and no taurine or other additives.
The energy supply of the drink will be provided by the Peruvian plant of maca, which revitalises the person that consumes it. This ingredient would be the only one purchased from overseas, SUPER SHARK is greatly concerned with climate change and, in order to reduce emissions and protect the Spanish economy, all other ingredients will be extracted from Spain. In addition, all production and distribution is also confined to the Spanish territory.
This project plans to study the feasibility of such business endeavour and through market research and economic analyses, a business model will be constructed.



Olivé i Tomàs, Antoni


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management