Tailor-Made Chemistry


Adam Aznar, Albert
Sansa López, Victor


On this Master Thesis you will find the development of a business idea consisting in a chemical company, with the necessary equipment to offer different services to other enterprises. The main services that Tailor-Made Chemistry SL offers are manufacturing and packing of fluid chemical products. Moreover, TMC offers many other services to its clients such as raw material purchasing and transportation management, quality control, warehousing and stock management, waste management and the customized development of a product or a manufacturing process.
TMC offers versatile solutions to its clients, that can contract for one or all the services mentioned above. Its target is small and medium-sized chemical companies that don't have enough capacity to self-produce, want to use its capacity for other purposes or don't have the permission to manufacture a certain product. TMC offers a solution to Spanish companies that want to outsource some (or all) the steps on the production chain, for a similar price than the manufacturing cost if they were doing it by their own. Moreover, TMC does not care about the intended use of the products to manufacture and it is open to work for customers from very different sectors.
Hereafter you will find the developed business idea which will give a clearer view of the basis of the company. Spain's economic environment will be discussed, with a special focus on the last years, the impact of Covid-19 and the on-going war between Russian and Ukraine. Next, you will find an overview on the chemical market in Spain and an analysis of some possible competitors. Afterwards, the services offered and the strategy to pursue will be discussed in deep. At this stage, you will find the necessary machinery, equipment and the industrial plant distribution between other discussions. The next section will be about marketing and sales, followed by the human resources management in which you will find an organizational chart between others. At this point, the cost structure and financing of TMC will be discussed in accordance with the costs described in the operations section. At the end, you will find TMC's Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality.



Ramirez Roma, Xavier


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management