Transmission analysis and predictive maintenance study in a packaging machine


Domínguez Domínguez, Raúl

Nowadays, reducing costs is one the main issues in all companies. These costs could be, for example, in the manufacturing process of a product or in the human resources related to the activity of the company, but what they mainly want to avoid are unexpected costs. This reduction of the unexpected costs is the base of this project, as having the most reliable product in the market is always what companies look for.
Multivac is developing a new machine and this project consists of improving the longitudinal sealing module of this new product. This module has an initial design which has been developed by the R&D team and must be revised to ensure is reliability. The main components that are put in the spotlight are bearings and gears as there are the most vulnerable in the module and have not been accurately chose, so there is not enough data to assure that they are not going to fail or to predict when they are going to fail. Starting with an examination of what is installed in the machine, a simulation of gears pairs is done with KISSsoft, a software specially developed to work with shafts, bearings and gears. After evaluating the results and test different configurations, some changes which would extend gears and bearing life are proposed.
Once the module is fully defined, a predictive maintenance study of what should be needed, and which elements could be monitor is done. With this technology, the machine is a lot less exposed to unexpected problems and therefore, less expenses caused by failures in the elements.



Gómez Gras, Giovanni
García Granada, Andrés-Amador


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering