Juliá Boquer, Paula
Mencos Borrás, Carla  


"UTour" is a company that offers personalized tours in the city of Barcelona to all those tourists who want to know the city in a local and real way, to which we will say "True tour". As in any city in the world, there are companies that offer tours of the city in question. "UTour" offers a 100% personalized service, where customers can choose the type of tour, the route, or simply let the local guide show them the most special corners of the city. It differs from the competition, in that it is mainly a tour, where future clients will be able to choose according to their needs and tastes. One of the most important factors to highlight is the fact that the guide is a local person in the city, so, based on his experience, he will teach tourists the most unknown places in Barcelona. In addition, the people who will carry out the service will be self-employed, therefore, they are not part of the company's staff.
The source of income for "UTour" will be the advertising that we will invest during the first five months before leaving for the world of work. Likewise, we are going to invest a lot in the website and we will also bet on innovation and technological marketing on social networks. An indirect source to attract clients that will increase income will be the companies that are dedicated to accommodating tourists such as; Airbnb, My Space Barcelona, ​​Booking and hotels, which we will agree in advance, so that they provide us with customers, and at the same time have satisfied customers being able to offer the best way to get to know the city. To be able to go to market, the two majority partners of the company will contribute 47,500 euros each at the beginning of the project, since 95,000 euros will be needed to carry out "UTour". The first year, we will request a loan from the bank of 10,000 euros, since the initial investment expenses that the company will have to bear will be greater than the income. After having done the financial analysis of the first three years, the company will start with losses for the first two years of 17,739.04 euros and 14,261.62 euros, respectively. Finally, the company will end the third year with profits of 2,892.38 euros.



Cella Moragón, Albert


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management