Vision of macromolecular prodrugs from a synthetic horizon


San Jose Gracia, Marc


Pathogens are capable of threatening entire civilizations leaving an incurable footprint in such a short period of time, being the last example the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. These events provoked the development of new therapies able to block the pathogen activity in less time. Hence, broad-spectrum antivirals agents (BSAAs) surface as a contingency treatment for (re) emerging viruses. A hallmark in these agents is the structure – activity relationship which determines the capacity as antiviral considering the PKs in the body. Therefore, macromolecular prodrugs along the line of polymer – drug conjugates have the ability to incorporate high concentrations of a toxic drug and being released in the infected cells, without compromising the life of the organism.
In the present work, we aim to synthesize two polymer – drug conjugates that share similar chemical structures, but incorporates different drugs, i.e. Ribavirin and Mitomycin C. Consequently, we can offer broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial effect depending on the drug substituted in the same scaffold.



Cuenca González, Ana Belén
Zelikin, Alexander


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry