In Vitro setup to test the Ascending Aorta wall shear Stress Profiles


Molins Colomer, Maite  


The main objective of this project is to redesign an in vitro device to study shear stress profiles in the thoracic aorta. Prior to this work, a device consisting of a pump, a straight tube and a static propeller had been designed, which had important limitations. Among them, it was highlighted the fact that the desired shear stresses were only achieved along a small part of the tube and that they were not uniform throughout the wall. By adjusting the inlet flow rates and studying the geometry and rotational speed of the propeller, the design has been improved by increasing the area in which the desired shear stress values ​​are achieved. Three helixes have been proposed that claim to represent the shear stress conditions of healthy people and patients with stable aneurysms and dilating aneurysms. The device has also been adapted so that it can include the propeller rotating inside it and continue to be an airtight environment suitable for sky cultivo cell culture. This new design will allow in vitro studies of the effect of shear stress on the wall of healthy blood vessels and those with aneurysms, in order to better understand the etiology of thoracic aortic aneurysms.



Martorell López, Jordi


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering