Design and elaboration of novel drug eluting stents to produce tailored releases aiming for the reduction of restenosis after implantation


Ponce Arrones, Alberto 


Coronary artery disease is the most typical type of heart disease, killing more than 385,000 people annually. Up to date, many different approaches have been tested in order to treat patients while trying to keep inflammatory responses to a minimum. Among these, the use of nanocarriers, multilayered coatings and gene therapy stand out as some of the most promising novel therapeutic strategies tested lately. Stents have been used throughout the years with different designs and coatings, achieving enhanced healing results with every new generation. Although their use is justified their results are not optimal, creating a need to develop better strategies to treat coronary artery diseases. We understand that a total liberation control of the pharmacological drug load from a medical device can profoundly change a patient’s outcome, therefore, becoming a priority of our work. Here, we present a way of producing in-lab and industrial scaled coatings for medical devices which are used to produce tailored multilayered coatings for drug eluting stents. Apart from this, an approach to treat coronary artery disease through gene therapy with nanocarriers is also introduced, opening new possibilities for localized treatments with drug eluting stents. Starting with the elaboration of methodologies and instrumentation required to produce tailored coatings, novel stent designs are created and studied in this work. This enables the production of new coatings and delivery systems which are tested in-vitro and in-vivo in order to prove their effectiveness. In conclusion, this thesis demonstrated that a tailored drug release can be achieved through multilayered designs and nanoparticle liberations, which can be applied to drug eluting stents to obtain a reduction in restenosis rates with promising results.




Borrós Gómez, Salvador 
Ramos Pérez, Víctor   


IQS SE - Bioenginyeria

Date de defense