Adhesives in automotive industry: development and characterization of a multifunctional product with sound damping and stone protection characteristics.


Esteban Paricio, Alejandro 


This Master’s Thesis is based in the study, validation and development of several adhesives for the automotive industry applied at different stages of the vehicle production process as well as applied in different parts of it as in the cabin, engine surroundings or underfloor. This project has been focused in the improvement of a sequence of key properties in order to achieve better performance, such as adhesion, hardness, elasticity or thermal stability, among others. Moreover, cost reduction of a new formulation with respect of an existent product has been proved to be effective.
Therefore, the most compromising problems that emerge for adhesives manufacturers in automotive industry are two: material performance and price. Both of them are mutually exclusives and required in order to negotiate with customers, who demands increasingly more and more restrictive conditions. During this project, by one side it has been studied a new raw material validation as main source of price reduction for a product and for the other side, a new chemical-base formulation development which will try to unify two products with different applications in a single product, which will represent an important competitive advantage for Henkel. Lastly, certain parameters that impact directly in thermal stability and vibration isolation within the vehicle have been studied and optimized.
With this purpose there have been used standardized methods in automotive industry and another techniques and methods in order to characterize the obtained results: DMA, DSC and TGA, among others. Finally, some improvements would be made in the future at long-term not only in formulation development but in product optimization performance.



Colominas Guàrdia, Carles
Vidal Codina, Humbert  


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering