Balagué Ortiz, Jordi
Farré Galofré, Pablo



ALL 4 U is a project based on takeaway services, (food to go) whose main purpose is the preparation of healthy menus that contain organic ingredients, superfoods and raw food (raw food), designed for this group of people who seek to improve their food for sports purposes, weight loss, health problems or simply to serve the growing veggie public (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) that has emerged in recent times.
ALL 4 Uno becomes the continuity of a restaurant already in operation. to reduce the initial investment costs as much as possible. It will also make available the experience of current staff, as well as the customer database and agreements with suppliers and distributors of raw materials, so it can be said that it is not starting from scratch.
The project will have an initial investment of 240,000 euros made up of approximately 25% contribution from partners and 75% bank loan to develop the necessary technological infrastructure to automate processes through a mobile/web application, where customers will be able to interact through a series of options that will provide them with the same application and will guide them to generate an increasingly satisfactory experience. Direct marketing to end customers, including catering, is initially planned, but the idea is to continue moving towards corporate sales to reach canteens, hospitals, hotels or other restaurants that do not have this type of food on the regular menu with finished or semi-finished products. . For this reason, an important campaign will be carried out to make itself known in the market through the use of social networks and some written media, with which it is expected that by the end of the first year the established market share will have been achieved. from the beginning that it is only a small part of the existing demand. The calculations on a probable scenario allow us to conclude that the investment will begin to bear fruit as of month 9 and that it will be profitable from the first year, allowing growth, expansion and later expansion to other branches.



Marín Mas-Sardà, Juanjo


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management