Análisis de experiencias de evaluación en la didáctica de la química en IQS


Monclús Ibernón, Maria  


In the context of a globalized world, with constant technological and social changes, higher education institutions find it necessary to modify current pedagogical models in order to adapt the system to new generations of students, giving the best opportunities to develop their skills and competencies, both personal and professional. One of the strategies for education from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is the Student Oriented Assessment (EOA). The EOA aims to overcome some of the problems inherent in more traditional forms of education by focusing on the student and their needs, rather than focusing on the input of the teacher. Increasingly, students are expected to be self-employed learners and teachers are expected to use innovative teaching methodologies and develop assessment methods in which students must fully participate. Self-assessment and peer assessment have the potential to promote critical thinking, increase student engagement with the course, and help students develop their own self-assessment skills. In addition, they can increase self-confidence, responsibility, and awareness of group dynamics. When students participate in assessment, it becomes an optimized learning process, a reflective process in which students become aware of their own knowledge and goals. While the teacher acts as a facilitator, guiding the students towards their cultural and educational objectives. Recently, at IQS School of Engineering they have developed different proposals for peer evaluation related to the teaching of chemistry. The designed methodology has focused on the evaluation of oral presentations made by students, as an element of evaluation of undergraduate and master's courses. In this work, the results of these experiences are analyzed in order to systematize peer evaluation procedures to improve the quality of higher education.



Báguena Polo, Judith
Codera Pastor, Mª Victoria  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering