Análisis de valor de la infraestructura y de la logística del Corredor del Mediterráneo en la Península Ibérica


Miquel Rosell, Laura


The Mediterranean Corridor, together with eight other corridors, is part of the European Commission's strategy to create an efficient and competitive logistics network that optimizes and streamlines freight traffic in the European Union. To meet these objectives, it is necessary to have a network of quality infrastructures with common operating parameters and that are environmentally sustainable.
An analysis of the current state of the Mediterranean Corridor in the Iberian Peninsula is carried out. For this, certain KPIs are proposed that allow characterizing their status, detecting deficiencies and proposing possible improvements.
The study is carried out by collecting and contrasting a large volume of data from different sources. These data have been subjected to a critical analysis, being compared, verified and, on occasions, reworked.



Espasa Sempere, María Luisa 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering