Análisis y selección de una franquicia para el área metropolitana de Barcelona


Martínez Rodríguez, Adrián
Pardo Antúnez, Alejandro


What is expected of these projects is usually to make a business plan on ideas or products that one has in mind and make a theoretical development of it. Normally these products usually require huge investments and very intensive knowledge in one or several subjects, which, after analyzing it as a whole and carrying out the project, is usually left aside and is not carried out. From the beginning we had something clear in mind, we wanted to take advantage of this project to find a real product or service that we could carry out with our own resources in the medium term. In this way, we chose to focus our efforts on choosing an already created business model that would involve a relatively low investment and that would lead us to a positive cash flow as soon as possible. With this in mind we opted for selecting a franchise. They are proven business models that, with the support of the central franchise, we believe can give us a high probability of success. It should be noted that everything analyzed in the subsequent sections is in reference to locating our business in the city of Barcelona. Once we had determined the direction we wanted to take, we focused on trying to choose the franchise sector with the highest ROI. To do this, we analyze various sectors and seek information on their growth and forecasts. After establishing selection criteria (such as the initial investment, ROI, etc.), it was selected that the ideal sector for our business model was elderly care. From here we delved into the sector obtaining data that continued to support the kind of business we were looking for. Both the reasons and the results found are explained in later sections.
Once the sector had been chosen, it was necessary to choose the franchise, in our case we chose the franchise called Wayalia. This was selected from among other potential alternatives. Wayalia attracted us since it offers a good positioning in the networks, which is the main resource for attracting customers today. In addition to this, we also found it a company that took care of the image, support for franchisees, low royalties and transparency. So, once the business model, sector and franchise had been selected, the next step was to calculate our costs and growth prospects to determine the viability of our company. Obtaining with conservative forecasts, an ROE of 12%, offering positive net benefits from the third year with only 10 clients. And each new customer increasing ROE by 10%.



Ramírez Roma, Xavier


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management