Automatización del enmascarado del sellante aerodinámico entre piezas


López Teixidó, Marc


This final degree project is about a head design to apply masking tape in different parts of a plane previously to the application of the aerodynamic sealant between two pieces (this process makes an improvement in the plane’s aerodynamics). The masking tape application is currently a manual process, but it wants to be automated.
To start this project is important to check if there is any similarity with an existing product or, conversely, it must be totally new. Once the head has been designed, the next step is to do the 2D design with all the drawings that will be used afterwards for the manufacture. This head must be supported by a robot which is responsible for guiding it by a laser sensor to simplify the automated masking tape application.
The software that has been used in this project is CATIA V5, with the corresponding license property of Aritex S.A., the company where this project has been carried out.



Gómez Gras, Giovanni


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering