Automatización del suministro de componentes de automóvil mediante vehículos de guiado automático y diseño del layout de una zona picking


Carner Roca, Jana


This project focuses on automating part of the component supply of three different vehicle models. In total, more than one hundred seventy components are provided, which have to be moved from the purchasing warehouse to the sheet metal workshop.
The automation aims to increase the productivity of the supply process. For that purpose, self-guided vehicles are used, and a new layout is designed for a picking area. The project has been studied in two phases; the first phase developed and executed from beginning to end, and a second one, where two alternative scenarios have been studied, both capable of contemplating different future strategies of the automobile plant.
The phases were carried out by evaluating the number of containers and trolleys required, the routes of the logistic flows, the technical specifications and the saturation of both the automatic guided vehicles and the vertical warehouse, and finally, the optimal process to be followed by the workers involved.



Pujol Amat, Carles 
Espasa Sempere, María Luisa


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering