Nart Torrens, Âlex
Verdura Casas, Marc



In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in break-ups in couples and the pandemic caused by the covid-19 has led to a decrease and even the non-existence of social relations between people.
BeSocial was born as a consequence and to provide solutions to these factors mentioned. The next business plan is to develop a business plan for setting up a company dedicated to organizing events and activities for singles. The main goal of the company is to establish social ties between singles, but in no case is it identified as a business focused on finding a partner.
In this way, we will analyze the background that has led us to develop this work, as well as the motivation and interest in it. The environment in which the company will be located will be analyzed, which is characterized by a market in a growing trend and with new opportunities that BeSocial will try to exploit. The continuous technological evolution, where social networks are gaining more and more weight, will be a fundamental tool to understand the proposal and strategy of the business project explained below. Once you have explained how the company works and the different activities and events it offers to its customers along with the marketing strategies, the business plan is detailed.
BeSocial will be located in Barcelona, ​​as will most of the activities that will also take place in this city and will help bring its customers closer together. The legal form of the company is then justified, in which case the Limited Liability Company is used and the main characteristics and requirements for forming this type of company will be detailed. The company will initially consist of two partners who will also be the only two BeSocial employees. Finally, the financial plan will be defined justifying the realization of the project, as well as the economic viability with the presentation of different annual accounts. It will also detail three scenarios (realistic, pessimistic and optimistic) to make the sales forecast and have a greater understanding of how the company can evolve in different situations. Once the different annual accounts have been carried out with the respective ratios for three years, BeSocial considers that the results it has obtained are very good and favorable in order to be able to start the activity successfully.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management