Cambios en el comportamiento del consumidor de productos OTC durante la crisis del Covid19


Boncompte Salamero, Sandra


In the XXI century, a life without the use of the Internet is very unlikely; especially in developed continents such as Europe. This leads to the fact that the commerce of the vast majority of sectors is constantly evolving with the Internet. Commerce through the network is known as e-commerce. We find that depending on the sector, e-commerce can be more or less advanced. In the case of Spanish pharmacy offices, it evolves slowly compared to that of other branches of commerce. This is due to different factors such as the requirement of prescriptions to buy medicines, which limits internet sales to only OTC products or "Over the counter products". The following research has studied how the global Covid19 pandemic, which has led to a demanding confinement in the country, has resulted in a change in behavior in OTC customers through electronic commerce and in person. There have been key products to try to protect oneself from viruses (gloves, antiseptics, alcohol, thermometers and masks), which at first have been tried to acquire in the pharmacy itself, but later through electronic commerce. This is due to the shortage of pharmacies and fear of approaching others. The results conclude that the pandemic has encouraged certain people to experiment with e-commerce in pharmacy offices. Despite being mostly satisfied, we conclude that pharmacy offices are valued for the relationship and trust that exists with the professional. In such a way that the future of e-commerce in this sector does not seem promising despite having been an alternative to acquire OTCs during the pandemic.



Derqui Zaragoza, Belén 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy