Caracterización mecánica de piezas obtenidas por sinterización de metales para aplicaciones industriales


Trilla Vilar, Alex 


Today the technologies used to obtain materials are more advanced and precise than those of years ago. And it is that, day by day, these technologies improve the processes and, as a consequence, the properties and the cost of the materials. Powder metallurgy is one of those technologies that is constantly growing, thanks to its clear advantages over other processes. However, the procedure itself for obtaining the final parts and the control parameters are decisive when it comes to obtaining certain desirable mechanical properties, depending on the function they have to fulfill. Among these properties, hardness stands out, which can be compromised by several factors and which, in many cases, is essential for the value in use of the manufactured parts. To solve these deficiencies, heat treatments are postulated as good candidates to achieve improvements in the hardness of the pieces, although they are not equally effective in all cases. For this reason, in this work the hardness profile of 4 specimens of different materials and compositions, obtained by sintering, is studied. From each specimen 5 samples have been cut to which different heat treatments have been applied, to compare the values ​​obtained. The main objective of the study is to know the evolution of the surface hardness after each heat treatment, depending on the composition of the samples. The results obtained allow providing information on the industrial use that would be recommended according to the starting composition, the heat treatment applied and the values ​​obtained from each sample.



Abad Roldán, Manuel David 
Gómez Gras, Giovanni  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering