Caso práctico de planificación financiera. Familia Fernández Torres


Di Zio, Johnny
Mirabete Lara, Josep


With this Master's Thesis, it is intended to achieve various objectives set for the financial planning of a family residing in Barcelona, ​​with a marriage under separation of assets. This planning aims to achieve various objectives such as renovating your cars, planning and ensuring your children's education, ensuring a pension at the time of retirement, and getting rid of debt at the time of your retirement. To achieve all the established objectives, two alternatives will be proposed to assess which would be the most convenient in terms of investment for the family, on the one hand, it would be investment in the real estate market in Barcelona with obtaining income and the second alternative by carrying out the investment in funds, considering a moderate / risky risk profile. Finally, the two alternatives will be analyzed and compared, to assess which is the best option, evaluating its advantages and disadvantages to achieve the investment objectives of our family.



Larraga López, Pablo


IQS SM -  Master’s Degree in Wealth and Financial Management