Clear View


Raventós Romero, Alberto
Roca-Umbert, Marta



Clear View (CV) is a company that provides comfort through a simple solution that facilitates the adaptation of our customers to the new normal, in addition to meeting the basic health needs of the use of the mask.
Throughout this project, you will be able to see the business plan of a company that makes, assembles and sells anti-fog masks. Creating a new market (blue ocean) where we stand out from the individual anti-fog products fulfilling the health functions of an everyday product such as masks today.
This business plan highlights all the progress in the external and internal analysis of the conditions that Clear View will have to face before the launch, and the future forecasts for the next three years. In order to be able to secure the financing and resources necessary for the long-term viability of the company. Our target clientele resides in companies. Clear View is a B2B company and we deal with local and international retailers. Our diversification is due to a need for trust provided by the local business, starting with pharmacies, the main selling point of our indirect competitors, masks, and the need for visualization and growth provided by international retailers, such as Amazon, retailer with more market capacity in the world.Our advantage lies in the fact that we offer a product that combines two different markets into one. This combination provides a new market opportunity that we have categorized as (blue ocean) providing us with the necessary conditions for rapid growth and consolidation to achieve an optimal positioning with respect to competition. On the other hand, our location in one of the countries with the most restrictions and mandatory use of the mask gives us a competitive advantage over new international additions or companies with anti-fog products that may try to copy our product.
The formation of the company is concentrated in two founding partners, Marta Roca-Umbert and Alberto Raventós, whose contributed capital will be € 12,000 each and with statutes of continuity in the project that ensures a long-term activity. In addition, we have the support of a good management in the payments and collections of the different accounts, reaching agreements that favor a short-term collection and a medium-term payment. Clear View will also have the support and dedication of a worker from time 0 to perform the production functions necessary for the viability of the project.
Finally, the company Clear View develops a product that is not only economically viable but also provides a solution to one of the basic needs of society, facilitating this viability. The company also has a social component, contributing our time as entrepreneurs for the support and help of society, adapting, like our product, the aid to each local community.



Arlández Mañá, Alex


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management