Dash: Fast Goods


Isasi-Isasmendi Vilana, Olivia
Vergés Fort, Ana Patricia



Dash was born from the need to want to obtain fashion products in less than 24 hours and without having to spend time going to stores. It is a service to those women located in the Barcelona area.
The objective of the project is that the client can acquire fashion products from different stores in the same order at the point that suits him best. In this way, Dash wants to differentiate itself from the competition, other shipping applications and the stores' own shipping services, in the ease and speed offered. The service is offered through a mobile app and a web page, where the customer can choose products from different stores. Once the order is placed, it will be delivered to the place indicated by the user.
With Dash, the client will save having to go to physical stores and avoid the long queues that are being generated by the Covid restrictions. The main objective is to make the service known in the market, with which we achieve certain brand awareness and thus progressively increase our target.
The initial investment required to start the business activity provided by the two partners and the sum of this investment is €25,000. This figure covers the fixed costs and investments needed to start the business.
According to the company's calculations, our sales volume will increase year after year. The income for the first three years is: €60,000, €150,000 and €225,000 respectively. After the analysis of the different ratios, Dash is in optimal financial health despite having an excess of non-performing assets, so we could expand our sales volume. The treasury in the first three years is positive, which means that our company can face the different payments. With the designed business model, the project would be profitable, obtaining not very high profits. Profits in the first year represent 4% of sales, 5% of sales in the second year, and the third year represent 9%. The increase in sales volume could mean investing and expanding the business both by expanding the delivery area to other metropolitan areas or cities, as well as expanding our target; that is, offering men's and children's fashion products.



Fazio Bieto, José


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management