Desarrollo de una aplicación SCADA para una estación de la célula flexible de fabricación


Cano Vázquez, Aitor


This project has been made possible by the technological advancement on the flexible manufacturing cell that IQS has built. The cell was monitored with a software called InTouch, which requires an annual license to function. By changing PLCs, installing Siemens S7-1500s, it has been possible to develop a SCADA on WinCC, a software included in TIA Portal, which does not require any additional license to use.
Making this change, the old SCADA was not 100% compatible with the new software, giving an opportunity to develop the project.
This project has been made only on one cell station, but always thinking about the future and leaving the door open so that it is possible to add new stations without generating major complications.



Reyes Pozo, Guillermo
Molins Vara, José Javier


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering