Development and characterization of a new concept of soundproofing coating for increase acoustic comfort in automotive industry


Vives Pérez, Alicia


The main objective of this thesis is the development of a new adhesive formula for the automotive sector. The project has focused on the development and characterization of an improved formula to meet customer requirements: optimizing the damping of the body panels without affecting other key properties such as adhesion and elasticity.
A set of formulations is developed from a known initial formula. Some formulations are made to study the influence of raw material variation on product characteristics, while other improvements are achieved with the introduction of new raw materials. All requirements are investigated using different techniques available in the laboratory.
The final formula shows an improvement in its properties. The loss factor increases 59% at 20ºC compared to the original formula due to the change in temperature of the glass transition. In addition, the cost will be less than the maximum required. However, it is necessary to improve the material so that it can be sold competitively. At the end of this thesis, several suggestions are proposed for future studies to achieve an optimized cost-performance ratio.



Puigoriol Forcada, Josep Maria


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering