Development of a biopolymer with a maximum content on potato starch


Rodríguez Rubio, Francesc Xavier


Bioplastics are the future solution to the plastic problem facing humanity. They are a good alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based plastic, but their creation is still difficult to do.
Three different bioplastic formulations, based on potato starch, chitosan, cellulose and water, have been tested to prove their capacity as extrudable polymer. Each sample has been extruded and subjected to the following analyses:

1. DSC, to know the glass transition temperature and the degradation temperature.
2. SEM, to know if the amount of water and plasticizer in the formulation was correct.
3. GO see if there was any hydrogen bonding and water content in the final bioplastic.

Due to a problem with the extrusion machine, no more extruded samples could be obtained. However, the results obtained have been satisfactory as a first step in the study of the subject of creating bioplastics.



Pou Ibar, Josep Oriol 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemistry