Diseño de actividades didácticas de análisis de datos en el ámbito de la Biología


Marsal Pi, Marta  


In this work, three didactic activities have been designed with semi-open and contextualized statements in the field of Biology, in order to help students in the process of learning statistics. These activities cover the agenda of a first subject of statistics for non-statisticians at university level and are designed to weigh different resolution options using R Commander. The evaluation design of these activities is based on a system that, thanks to a modified version of R Commander and a Shiny application, both created by the ASISTEMBE research group, allows teachers to obtain traces of student actions and visualize them in order to make a comparison with some milestones established a priori by the teacher. These activities are fully documented to facilitate their use in the classroom in the future.



Serrano Molinero, Vanessa 
Montañola Sales, Cristina  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology