Diseño de una instalación solar fotovoltaica y térmica en en una vivienda unifamiliar del Principado de Andorra


Areny Soriano, Guillem


An assessment is made of the different ways of using solar radiation. At the beginning of the project, there was general knowledge of photovoltaic and solar thermal installations, which have been highly increased by getting into quite a few technical aspects that affect their optimal use. Through the feasibility study and the design of an installation in a single-family home, knowledge has been acquired of the components that make up the photovoltaic and thermal installation, how they are dimensioned and the current market offers, as well as the general performance they can offer. It has been verified that, in the self-consumption market, photovoltaic energy, despite the evolution that it has had in the last 40 years, it is still far from being competitive in the current electric energy market, although if you have a considerable surface roof and continuous price drops of the necessary equipment is becoming more profitable. On the other hand, it has been proven that solar thermal energy can be considered competitive due to the performance they offer.



Pou Ibar, Oriol


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering