Diseño preliminar de una residencia Ecolodge


Goya Esteve, Marc


The project is based on the preliminary design of a traditional Ecolodge located in Portbou. It is about a touristic accommodation self-provided by the consumption of renewable energies with a minimum environmental impact, with the purpose of promoting an alternative tourism responsible with the environment.
It consists of four apartments, which energy demand is supplied by wind and solar thermal energies. The type and the number of home appliances is determined for each lodge and also the corresponding outdoor lighting.
Wind and solar studies are made in the site of the holiday resort due to determine the wind and irradiation resources available. This data, beside an electric and hot domestic water consumption hypothesis allow to choose the sizing of the wind turbines and the solar collectors. The sizing is done in order to cover almost all the energy requested by the resort. The final design of the turbines and the collectors is chosen by comparing different models currently in the market. Furthermore, in order to stock energy, a model of batteries is chosen as well.
The work includes the diverse calculations made to determine the basic sizing of the electric and the hot water installations. It is aimed to continue working in it in the future, with a more detailed engineering of the installations.



Rolán Blanco, Alejandro  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering