Diseño y cálculo de una instalación de riego y baños en Aklobotonu (Ghana)


Perales de Rocafiguera, Javier 


This TFG is a solidarity project, under the name of the NGO NUKOKO, founded in 2019, which helps a small community in Ghana. The project will be financed through crowfunding, altruistic donations and will be presented for the Mapfre de Agropecuario scholarships. The project consists of carrying out a plumbing installation to build a drip irrigation system that works by gravity and a common bathroom area so that children can wash and relieve themselves in a more hygienic way before and after classes in the college. The common bathroom facilities will improve hygiene in the village and the irrigation facilities will allow the fields to be watered during the dry season. It is thus intended to promote the economy of the town and improve its quality of life.



Llaverias i Baqués, Núria


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering