Diseño y desarrollo inicial de una aplicación web en Shiny para la práctica docente del Diseño de Experimentos en sistemas multivariantes de la industria química


Lama García, Daniela

The present work relies on the teaching of experimental planning as an effective methodology for the sequential investigation of any process or system. It is not only interesting that students know how to apply a certain experimental design, but also that they develop the ability to propose new sets of experiences based on previously acquired knowledge of the process and the understanding of the different techniques of design of experiments. The development of a tool has been planned to generate different experimental designs and graphics that allow the experimenter to make decisions about the next tests to be carried out to find the influence of the variables that are more significant in the improvement of a process in the field of chemical science and engineering. For this aim, this work has been conducted towards three related parts: an investigation on the availability of tools that cover a similar purpose; the approach of some study cases to be solved through the design of experiments; and the design, both visual and operational, of a web application that is programmable with the Shiny package of the R statistical software. The methodology is divided, for each of these parts, into a series of steps to fulfill: research of current R packages and applications in Shiny related to the design of experiments; an adaptation of a problem from the literature, and a simulated problem with the AspenPlus industrial simulator; and the sketch of the graphical interface and the algorithms of the server to obtain a dashboard. With the progress of this work, it is finally possible to develop the first version of a dashboard programmed with Shiny that generates orthogonal Taguchi arrays (a widely versatile method for experimental planning) from the information provided by the user and adapted to any case of study.



Fernández Ruano, Laura
Serrano Molinero, Vanessa


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering